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The Digichick is Back in Business!

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Whew, remind me not to wait so long between blogging/sending out a newsletter, because a lot has happened and I feel like I have SO MUCH to cover! I’ll start with the big news, that you may have already seen from the banner. THE DIGICHICK WILL REOPEN TONIGHT, and with a big bang (wait, don’t I have a template pack called that?) We’re having a homecoming, with many of your favorite digichick designers from days gone by coming back with new products, a great collab, and lots of fun and surprises! There’s going to be a big, storewide 35% off sale too, and I have two, count ’em two new template packs up in the shop for your scrapping pleasure! One is wild and crazy and looks like I just dumped my whole stash onto the pages. The other is a bit more scaled down, at least for me (LOL). So hopefully there’s something for everybody. 

This is Lifescapes Lite, the scaled down version of my style. Should go together nice and easy for you!

And this is History Repeating, with lots and lots of wacky repeated geometric shapes, which should let your imagination run wild!

Meanwhile, during the Digichick hiatus, I split my brand! From now on, the Digichick will be the exclusive home for my templates, while my other items have their home at the fabulous new Scrap Art Studios!  Dude, have you BEEN to Scrap Art Studios?  You need to go, NOW! It’s your new destination for art journaly stuff, which is definitely where my soul wants to go (if we’re allowed to get poetic here.) I have two new releases here since my store opened. First, a mini kit that coordinates with minis by all the other designers in the shop this month. This is my first August color play, full of super romantic shapes and tones:

The other is this big giant bundle called Possibility, which, I think, is where your dream starts: with admitting to yourself that what your heart wants is POSSIBLE.

Everything in my Scrap Art Studio shop is 25% off right now as well, so you can get everything of mine at a substantial savings right now, which means you should  probably go and get your save on!

I will be back soon with CT layouts and freebies, so keep your eyes peeled! (gross, right? I don’t like that phrase, it just kind of skeeves me out. Peeled eyes. Blech)


Lifescapes Templates, now available in PAGE format! Plus,FREEBIES!

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Okay, where to start, where to start…

First off, I have been asked a time or two to make my templates available in PAGE format, so I looked into it and decided that, for the time being at least, I’m going to make them all available in PSD, TIFF, PNG AND PAGE formats! For one thing, the PNG files are ginormous. SOO big I feel bad even zipping them up for download. Some people just don’t have the room on their drives for a bunch of multi-gig png files that they have to reassemble anyway. It just makes more sense from a customer service standpoint to do it that way. So what I did was I downloaded the 30 day trial version of CM Storybook Creater 4, and I converted my next set (available August 9) to PAGE files. If there is demand enough, it’ll totally make sense for me to buy it, as converting the files myself is a breeze. I also converted the freebie that I offered with my designer focus at Real Life Scrapped to PAGE format!

Click on the image to  head on over to Real Life Scrapped where you can download it in PSD, TIFF, PNG or new PAGE formats!!

Also, tomorrow is new release day at the Digichick! I am releasing my first ever FULL PAGE KIT, a collaboration with Jen of Girl Boy Girl designs. This kit is inspired by the book Hoopla,  which I got at the library. Found it incredibly inspiring. I used to do a lot of cross stitch, but often found the selection of patterns to be… well, not to my taste. Ahem. Nothing against the patterns out there, but I just prefer something a li’l bit more .. well, more me! LOL I found myself will all kinds of design ideas, and I figured, heck, let’s make a kit!

Here’s the preview. You can snag it at my Digichick Shop tomorrow (Thursday, 08/02/12)


Oh and PS, my guest spot has been extended another couple of months. Come on Lifescapes fans! Buy my stuff and then maybe I’ll get to stay! 😉

Anyway, in honor of this new release, I’ve decided to update my fan freebie on Facebook with coordinating glitter styles.


And while I was messing around making the glitter styles, I made these glitter flairs to see how they looked. I kinda loved them, so I kept ’em and thought you might like them, too! Click on the image to dl!


Here are some inspiration layouts for the kit. CTers and fans rawked it, as usual. Oh PS. I haven’t done a CT call yet. I don’t want to do one till I know where exactly my shop will be for keepsies. So for now, what I do if I need some layouts, is I put up a quick shout out on my facebook wall. So if you are in the market for some freebies, keep your eyes glued to my facebook wall! DON’T LOOK AWAY! (jk, jk, LOL) But yeah, that’s where I ask for help.



By my pal, Clara!


by Meg


a cool art journaling page by Carolyn

by Chel


by Girl Boy Girl team member Kristen

Okay, everybody, thanks for stopping by, and have a great Thursday!!


Designer Focus at Real Life Scrapped = coupons and a freebie!

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Hey there, cats and kittens!

Hey there! Hope all’s awesome in your part of the world!
Have you guys registered at Real Life Scrapped yet? Meg’s put together a pretty awesome scrapping community where all are welcome. There are all manner of forums, a totally open gallery, and lots of opportunities to get involved. I like it as an alternative to some of the more established sites where it’s easy to get lost.

Anyway, you can go over there and read an interview with li’l ol’ me. There’s a coupon… well, I guess I shared the coupon code with you here in the newsletter. Whoops! 😉 But you’ll have to head to Real Life Scrapped to snag the tempalte freebie I made. Looks like this:

Anyway, get yourself on over there and snag up some goodies!

It’s Thursday, do you know what that means?

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That’s right, new releases! I have a template pack for you this week! It’s a template pack called Zen Arcade. Why Zen Arcade? Is it because of the seminal 1984 album by Minnesota punk band Husker Du? Partially. It’s one of my favorite records of all time. Here, enjoy “Something I Learned Today,” from said record. But if you’ve never heard Husker Du, beware, your socks are about to get rocked off.

Okay, back to my new release! I actually called these templates “Zen Arcade,” because I wanted to design something with kind of a zen garden feel, but you know how I feel about my colors. So as I was designing, layering these circles with all these gorgeous electric colors, I thought: zen arcade. And here you go!


Plus, look at those cool pebbles! They are there in the templates, and are suitable for use as elements. I used this PSP script by Cassel to create them; they were super fun to make, and I think they look really cool. Anyway, I love that these templates can be fun, contemplative, or really just anything you want. Here are some layouts from the Digichick CT:


This one’s by Rachel using Happy Go Lucky by eNKay. Remember that kit from last week?

This one’s by Corrin using stuff by Wishing Well Creations.

This one’s by Anita using Alamama’s Point Shoot Capture bundle, also new today!

This one’s by Chel using the Eden paper pack by Dana Zarling, new today as well!

This one’s also by Chel, using the new Boys Only kit by WM Squared

And last but not least, one by Kate, only I’m not 100% sure what kit she used. WHOOPS.

So that’s it for today, kids. The  LS-Blogbuck-1 coupon code is still good for $1 off your purchase from my shop, for everything excluding collabs. It’s only good if you haven’t used it yet, however, because I have it set up for one use per registered user. However, I have it under pretty good authority that there may be some awesome specials on my facebook page today, just sayin!




Do you have any Bright Ideas? New releases, a coupon and a free alpha!

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Do you have any Bright Ideas? New releases, a coupon and a free alpha!

Hi Everybody! It’s new release Thursday, and I’m just now getting my blog post up. Someday I’ve got to get my schedule worked out so that this post is ready to go in the morning on new release days. Do you guys ever feel that way? I think we all do. There’s so much I want to do, so much I want to accomplish, and so much I want to learn, I just feel like I never quite have a grip on it all. This past week or so I’ve been in full-on pandemonium mode with school stuff (found out we can’t afford the day care to go to the local community college, plus our daughter Genny may need to be homeschooled so that would be another thing to schedule!) so I’ve had to switch everything over to an online school, and then Wally got sick, plus the dog, Scruffy was sick and.. you know I just went into a tailspin. For a few minutes I wondered:


But you know what? I can. And you can, too. Check it out:

Sometimes it helps to write things down. It may seem hokey, but it does help. Write it down, tuck it in your pocket, or your wallet, or your purse, and just look at it every now and then.

And that brings us to my new releases today! I originally started making these for  myself, so I can jot down these ideas and things to remind myself. And then I  thought, heck, I’ll make some journal cards with this theme, and sell them.

AND then wouldn’t it be super cool if some of us could talk about our bright ideas, our hopes and dreams? We could talk about what we want, how we want to feel, and what is stopping us from feeling that way or from accomplishing what we want to accomplish. We can brainstorm about our powers, and uplift each other.

Wouldn’t that be sweet?

I have super powers, and so do you!

My new release, Story Starters – Bright Ideas includes 18 journal cards, some with prompts, and some designed to help you continue your thought, should it end up spilling over into more than one card:

See, you don’t have to stop at one.

They are available as pngs with rounded or square  corners, and also on pdf sheets as printables. Print them out and them cut them apart, like this here:

And for those of you who don’t want to scribble on them with a pen, I included my first ever handmade font, Lifescapes Homegurl, so you can type on them cohesively. 

This new release is available for $4.99, but it’s 20% off right now because it’s a new release. So you can grab it for $3.99. HOWEVER, right now, you can use this code: LS-Blogbuck-1 to TAKE AN ADDITIONAL DOLLAR OFF YOUR ORDER. So that’s 18 journal cards and a font for $2.99 Not too shabby, eh?

Click on the image below to grab it:


Also new in the store is a template collab I made with Michelle Batton called All Summer Long:

you can go get it by clicking on the image.

THE COUPON WILL NOT WORK FOR THE COLLAB, but it’s pretty dang reasonably priced already, would’t you say? LOL Here’s a layout I made using it:

( I also used eNKay’s incredibly cool kit Happy Go Lucky, also new today!)

The CT has been completely rocking these templates out of the ballpark. Here’s one Jan made, also with eNKay’s kit: And you know what, I feel like I’ve been neglecting you guys these days, so here’s an alpha. Just cuz I love you. Click on the image to snag it. 


And I’m serious about us talking about our hopes and dreams! Hop on over to my facebook page, or leave a comment here. There’s power in collaboration, in conversation, and in intention. Let’s make some magic! Why not?









New Releases, a coupon, and a FREEBIE! (wow, big day!)

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Happy Thursday, Cats and Kittens!

I feel like I’ve been neglecting you, and I’m sorry! It’s been very busy up in the Lifescapes hizzouse. Not only have I been creating new product like crazy (a template collab and a set of journal cards and a FONT next week! Plus a really fun feature with a FULL TEMPLATE SET of freebies coming out before the end of the month, a really cool interactive template with the TDC August collab and- well at this point I’m totally rambling. Sorry!) but we’ve had a big shakeup in my education situation, which is going to mean a lot of good things down the road for Lifescapes. Everything happens for a reason, and the school program that I was trying to get into in the fall fell through, causing me to take a good, hard look at my goals. What came of it is that, while I remain very passionate about the course of study I was pursuing (dietetics, specifically children’s nutrition), I am also passionate about art and design, and have been for decades. I have made the decision to pursue a graphic design degree in the fall, and I get chills of excitement just typing that!!! EEEEK! I’m scared and excited and just overjoyed! But I’m also now really rushing to put together the final few things that need to be done to make that happen. Wish me luck!

Okay then! It’s new release Thursday! Here’s what I have in the shop:

I was playing around in Corel Painter 11, and I made these canvassy textured, just slightly distressed, and very BAD A$$ color papers! There are five super bright papers for your art journaling pleasure, or to add bright splashes of color to anything you do. They are regularly priced at just $1.49, but right now are a mere $1.19. Can’t beat it!

AND I’ve made my last Mondrian templates, I think. I have really loved what people have done with them; when I first made them, I worried that they would not be versatile, but I have been completely blown away at the versatility you all have shown in using them. Because of that, I’ve made this set, More Mondrian, available in either 12 x 12 or 8 1/2 x 11 sizes.  Here they are, with some examples of how they can be used.

And here are some layouts made using them:

Jaimie used the 8 1/2 x 11 version.

Trista used one of my templates AND the painted papers! I find her peacock colors just dazzling!

And Chel has inocorporated some amazing clusters over the grid. I thik it’s just breathtaking!

OH PLUS PLEASE NOTE! All the great undersea goodies came from Sherwood Studio’s new Menagerie – Under the Sea kit. Chel also used Charm Box Studios’ new De-flashing the Flash action. Additional papers and elements that Trista used in the layout with my painted papers came from the Timeless kit by Etc. by Danyale.

Okay kiddos, are you all inspired to go and create? Well, don’t go before you grab this coupon for ONE DOLLAR OFF your purchase! That makes the papers a steal at under a quarter. WHUT??


OH that’s right. I promised you a freebie as well. Okay, get this. I decided to wait till now to post the VERY FIRST MONDRIAN template I ever made. People had been wondering when I was going to post this. Well, here it is:


New Releases (with a coupon!)

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Happy Fifth of July! Are you US folks tired today? I kept the kids up till nearly 11 last night to watch the fireworks, and we only watched them from our porch. We’ve done this the last few years we’ve been here at Fort Bragg, but we were in a different location. We moved to different housing in Feb. So we couldn’t see the big post display from our house very well at all. BUT there were neighbors setting off some fairly big fireworks, and, as you can see from the pic of the girls above, the kids were pretty into it. Here’s Walter. Look at those big eyes!

And now, on to my NEW RELEASES TODAY! Whoo hooo! My second new release day at The Digichick! I’m super happy. And guess what. Out of my several releases today, none of them is a template! What’s up with that? Well, I’ll tell you what happened. I made all of this stuff in the process of making templates, and I decided I liked it enough to tweak a little and release as stand alones. Check it out.

The first product I have is some oil painted styles and the canvasses I used to make them. I called it Painterly-Warm edition:

I did quite a lot of painting in this week’s new releases. Here are some painted masks I made. You get both the .PNG files and the .ABR file. So you could even use the brushes for disressing papers, or even as brushes for painting in photoshop, possibly. Use your imagination!

And now we move on to the Work it Out products. I made all of these in the process of putting together some mind-mapping templates. I love to mind map in my journaling, especially when I’m trying to figure something out. Not familiar with mind mapping? It’s just kind of making a flow chart out of your thought processes.  Here, here’s a link to Please note that I am not in any way affiliated with any software they are talking about, I just like the explanation they give and the pictures they use. When I do it, I will start with a central idea, and branch out with the possible outcomes or with the stuff I keep thinking about concerning the main idea, and then I just let it branch out until I get the the very end of my thought processes. It really helps me make a VISUAL idea of what I’m ruminating over.

If you guys are interested, maybe I’ll do a whole blog post about my process using mind mapping. Currently, I don’t have any mind maps that A) I want to share LOL or even that B) would reproduce well. I could make one tho, and go through the steps.

Anyway, the templates just ended up looking too much like powerpoint presentations for my taste. I just didn’t feel like they translated well. But I did like the parts I made, so I decided to release them on their own.

Here are some arrows:

And a hand drawn alpha, provided in .PNG format in several bright shades as well as black, and an .ABR file:

Some hand drawn words, most of a decision-making nature, as .PNGs and .ABR

Four “very Lifescapes” papers. I use a lot of notebook looking paper in my templates, so it made sense to me to give you this notebooky-graphy-krafty-painty stuff to add to your stash.

And finally the bundle! It includes the alpha, the words, the arrows, the papers, and some bonus word balloons and other journaly bits.

And hey, I promised you a coupon, didn’t I?

USE THIS COUPON TO GET $1 OFF any of my products! That makes some of the new releases come in at under a quarter. So if you were wondering whether you could use it or not, why not give it a try?

I’ll come back later and show you some layouts made with some of this stuff.

Thanks and have an awesome day!