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Monthly Archives: January 2013

New Product, New Freebie, and a Designer Spotlight Challenge at Oscraps!

Hey, everybody! It’s been quite awhile since I posted. There’s been a WHOLE LOT of stuff going on in my life, and for awhile there I didn’t have much time to even sit still, let alone design. But I’m back up and running again, with a whole lot of fun for you!

First off, do you remember the Designer Spotlight Challenge at Oscraps? Basically, it’s a challenge where a designer posts a cool freebie and a challenge. You need to use 50% of the designer’s products, and 100% Oscraps products to complete the challenge. Two lucky participants of the challenge will win a $10 coupon to my store! You won’t have to purchase anything to do the challenge: I have a couple of freebies up in the store that should give you more than enough stuff to complete a layout or two. I’m so excited to be hosting the first of the new Designer Spotlight challenges! It goes live tomorrow here in the challenge forum at Oscraps, so be sure to head on down and give it a go!

Now let’s take it down a notch when we look at my new products. I will admit to you that one of the reasons that I was having such a difficult time designing there for awhile was that I was suffering from the depression and anxiety that sometimes comes with Bi-polar disorder. I didn’t even know I had this disorder until I went to a counselor in November and was diagnosed. Since then, I’ve had a lot of emotions concerning the diagnosis, but I finally arrived on the idea that it’s OKAY to suffer from depression, bi-polar, ADHD, anxiety, and any other mental illness that an individual may have. It’s not something that a person can necessarily change, the key is controlling it and I also think that part of the issue is NOT being ashamed! So I made this kit, called Dark Season, which explores some of these difficult emotions and reinforces the idea that IT IS OKAY not to have a sunny disposition all of the time! Here’s the kit:

full kit prev

I also have found lately that keeping track of my emotions, what caused them, and how I dealt with them, helps me to deal with them better in the future. When I know what causes negative emotions, then in the future I can head depression and anxiety off at the pass. So I created this printable feelings journal, which also comes with a full planner, complete with meal planning, to-do lists, contacts, etc. I’ve made this planner available at a very low price, because I want it to be affordable. I want to help.


You can also get both of these items together, in a convenient and affordable bundle!

Bundle Preview

AND there’s a freebie! Please enjoy these journal cards with my compliments! (oh, and you may want to hold on to them for the challenge tomorrow! HINT HINT)


ALSO, please be aware that all profits from the sale of this kit will go to Equilibrium, the Bi-Polar Foundation. So you can feel good about parting with a li’l bit of your cash.

Stay tuned! More information about the challenge is forthcoming tomorrow.

Also, a week from today, come back to check out Long Ago and Far Away! WOW!