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Monthly Archives: September 2012

New Releases and a Coupon!

Hey everybody!

Thanks for stopping by! I know lots of people are here for my Digital Scrapbooking Studio Design Contest freebie! That’s awesome, and you can grab it in the next post down. But while you’re here, why not stop and take a look at the new release I have today at the Digichick? I also have a great coupon you use at either the Digichick or Scrap Art Studio. Swell, right?

First, the new release!

There are two templates in this pack, available in both 12×12 and 81/2 x 11 sizes, and in PSD, TIFF, PNG and PAGE file formats. The ad above shows layouts made by the talented team at The Digichick. Here are a couple by my team. This one is by Shawna, using Adventure by Sherwood Studi0:

And this one is by Andrea, uysing Kashmir by Sweet Digi Scraps and Etc. by Danyale:

They do good work, don’t they?

Okay, I promised you a coupon, didn’t I? Well here it is:


That’s a great deal! And I’ll give you those store links once again.

Scrap Art Studio, where I sell my artsy scrap kits, and

the Digichick, where I have a guest spot selling templates.

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day!


Painted Moonlight Minikit Freebie

DOWNLOAD DISABLED! This will soon be available, with the former facebook freebie, as a maxi-mini at a special guest spot!


Hey everybody! Just for funsies I all of a sudden decided to enter the Digital Scrapbooking Studio Next Designer Contest! Don’t know why, I just found out about it and thought: Why not?

So here’s my offering! Click above to snag it, and don’t be afraid to leave comments.

Also, while you’re grabbing freebies, why not head over to my Facebook Page where, if you’re a fan, you can snag this coordinating Exclusive Fan Freebie! WOW! 

Thanks all!