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My favorite product EVER (so far)

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is this Botanica kit. I keep saying that, and maybe I should chill out about it a bit, but I can’t, because I love it! This right here is why I design: because sometimes I have an idea, a spark, an inspiration, and then it turns into something, well, not something physical, but at least something that’s there, that exists, and that I can then put out into the world and see what comes back. It feels really awesome when it’s going the right way, and this one really just clicked for me. Just chugged right along!

Anyway, here’s the scoop:

This is my Botanica kit. Sigh.

And some info about it:

Full of texture, color, and plenty of distressing, this kit celebrates the abundant life outside in your own back yard! From the lowly beetle to the sunflower seed, from the dandelion to the butterfly, and even some vintage fairies thrown in for good measure, this kit will help you to be like the flower and turn your face to the sun!

4 colored and splattered “solids”
4 painted and distressed neutral “solids”
6 lovingly hand-painted floral botanical papers
2 vintage fairy post cards
5 insect stickers
2 flower stickers
3 very large flairs
3 frames
One mason jar, available with the lid on and with the lid off
One paper flower, complete with stem and extra leaves
One stylized sunflower seed spill
2 rusty metal swirls
One set of delicate wings
3 dirty word arts
A full alpha with upper and lower case, numbers, and some punctuation

That’s the shop description. The real shining point in this kit are the painted botanical papers I made, which you can’t see from the previews, so here’s one so you can give it a good gander:

It just has so much of my heart in it. It’s paint spatters from paint I painted, images I converted to the painted style, it has that little varmint, the snail, to remind you that there is adversity with beauty, and all of it is perfect together. Yeah, that’s a bit metaphysical and hairy fairy, but hey, that’s me! Life is dirty and gritty and gorgeous!

Here are some layouts created by members of my Creative Team:

This one’s by Shawna, and she used one of my More Mondrian templates as well.

This one’s by Kerry, and if you like the look of it, you’ll want to check out the Digichick September collab as well, because the template will be included in it! The board background is in the template.

This one’s by Judith from the SAS CT. Check out her pretty, pretty blending!

So yeah, there you go! It’s 25% off for the next week, so grab it up!

Thanks for your time and enjoy your burrito!




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