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The Digichick is Back in Business!

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Whew, remind me not to wait so long between blogging/sending out a newsletter, because a lot has happened and I feel like I have SO MUCH to cover! I’ll start with the big news, that you may have already seen from the banner. THE DIGICHICK WILL REOPEN TONIGHT, and with a big bang (wait, don’t I have a template pack called that?) We’re having a homecoming, with many of your favorite digichick designers from days gone by coming back with new products, a great collab, and lots of fun and surprises! There’s going to be a big, storewide 35% off sale too, and I have two, count ’em two new template packs up in the shop for your scrapping pleasure! One is wild and crazy and looks like I just dumped my whole stash onto the pages. The other is a bit more scaled down, at least for me (LOL). So hopefully there’s something for everybody. 

This is Lifescapes Lite, the scaled down version of my style. Should go together nice and easy for you!

And this is History Repeating, with lots and lots of wacky repeated geometric shapes, which should let your imagination run wild!

Meanwhile, during the Digichick hiatus, I split my brand! From now on, the Digichick will be the exclusive home for my templates, while my other items have their home at the fabulous new Scrap Art Studios!  Dude, have you BEEN to Scrap Art Studios?  You need to go, NOW! It’s your new destination for art journaly stuff, which is definitely where my soul wants to go (if we’re allowed to get poetic here.) I have two new releases here since my store opened. First, a mini kit that coordinates with minis by all the other designers in the shop this month. This is my first August color play, full of super romantic shapes and tones:

The other is this big giant bundle called Possibility, which, I think, is where your dream starts: with admitting to yourself that what your heart wants is POSSIBLE.

Everything in my Scrap Art Studio shop is 25% off right now as well, so you can get everything of mine at a substantial savings right now, which means you should  probably go and get your save on!

I will be back soon with CT layouts and freebies, so keep your eyes peeled! (gross, right? I don’t like that phrase, it just kind of skeeves me out. Peeled eyes. Blech)


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  1. Your templates make me smile : )


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