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Happy Fifth of July! Are you US folks tired today? I kept the kids up till nearly 11 last night to watch the fireworks, and we only watched them from our porch. We’ve done this the last few years we’ve been here at Fort Bragg, but we were in a different location. We moved to different housing in Feb. So we couldn’t see the big post display from our house very well at all. BUT there were neighbors setting off some fairly big fireworks, and, as you can see from the pic of the girls above, the kids were pretty into it. Here’s Walter. Look at those big eyes!

And now, on to my NEW RELEASES TODAY! Whoo hooo! My second new release day at The Digichick! I’m super happy. And guess what. Out of my several releases today, none of them is a template! What’s up with that? Well, I’ll tell you what happened. I made all of this stuff in the process of making templates, and I decided I liked it enough to tweak a little and release as stand alones. Check it out.

The first product I have is some oil painted styles and the canvasses I used to make them. I called it Painterly-Warm edition:

I did quite a lot of painting in this week’s new releases. Here are some painted masks I made. You get both the .PNG files and the .ABR file. So you could even use the brushes for disressing papers, or even as brushes for painting in photoshop, possibly. Use your imagination!

And now we move on to the Work it Out products. I made all of these in the process of putting together some mind-mapping templates. I love to mind map in my journaling, especially when I’m trying to figure something out. Not familiar with mind mapping? It’s just kind of making a flow chart out of your thought processes.  Here, here’s a link to Please note that I am not in any way affiliated with any software they are talking about, I just like the explanation they give and the pictures they use. When I do it, I will start with a central idea, and branch out with the possible outcomes or with the stuff I keep thinking about concerning the main idea, and then I just let it branch out until I get the the very end of my thought processes. It really helps me make a VISUAL idea of what I’m ruminating over.

If you guys are interested, maybe I’ll do a whole blog post about my process using mind mapping. Currently, I don’t have any mind maps that A) I want to share LOL or even that B) would reproduce well. I could make one tho, and go through the steps.

Anyway, the templates just ended up looking too much like powerpoint presentations for my taste. I just didn’t feel like they translated well. But I did like the parts I made, so I decided to release them on their own.

Here are some arrows:

And a hand drawn alpha, provided in .PNG format in several bright shades as well as black, and an .ABR file:

Some hand drawn words, most of a decision-making nature, as .PNGs and .ABR

Four “very Lifescapes” papers. I use a lot of notebook looking paper in my templates, so it made sense to me to give you this notebooky-graphy-krafty-painty stuff to add to your stash.

And finally the bundle! It includes the alpha, the words, the arrows, the papers, and some bonus word balloons and other journaly bits.

And hey, I promised you a coupon, didn’t I?

USE THIS COUPON TO GET $1 OFF any of my products! That makes some of the new releases come in at under a quarter. So if you were wondering whether you could use it or not, why not give it a try?

I’ll come back later and show you some layouts made with some of this stuff.

Thanks and have an awesome day!


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  1. Hi Andrea, I just saw your products in this months Digichick e-newsletter, and I’m really intrigued by your “Work it on out” line. I love mindmapping and sometimes it’s the ONLY way I can get myself out of a standstill, but I always use paper and pen. I’d really love to see how you do your “thinking” digitally!


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