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One more layout post for tonight

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Holy moly, I can’t believe the shop opens tomorrow! WOW! Thanks, you guys, for being so supportive through this time period when I haven’t even been selling anywhere. I’ve just been blown away by how awesome you guys are!

Speaking of awesome, I have some more layouts to show you before I try to sleep tonight. These come from the other pack I have for sale tomorrow, called “Let’s Strip.” I was inspired to make these by peering through the blinds on my bedroom window. I thought, “you could stick a bunch of pictures and stuff into the strips, and it might look cool.” Here’s the sneaky peeky:

The first layout is one by Demetria. Look at those cutie cute photos! She used picture design owls in blossom kit
Pink reptile designs rain or shine alpha
font pea kerstin

These next THREE are all by Michelle.  The first one is using Meadow, Meadow Sunshine and Meadow Wildflowers products by Numbumm

This one’s using Splashtown USA by Royanna Fritschmann

And this last one is using Animal Attraction by Studio RA. I luvs me sum Kittehs.

Here’s one by Melissa Cronje using Count Your Blessings and the Scribbles Alpha by my beloved ViVa Artistry, as well as the DJB Sweet treats font. LOOK AT THE CUTIE PIE!

And here’s one by Kate, using Collect Moments by Bella Gypsy. Loving these colors!

And lastly, one I made using WM Squared’s new These Moments kit, which I JUST NOW REALIZED I FORGOT TO POST IN THE SNEAK PEAK THREAD AT TDC! Wotta loser, Me. Oh well.

That’s my Wally and Genny there. Oh and I edited them using the Rad Lab, which, if you’re interested, you can click over there ——> and try it for free.

Okay, cats and kittens. I have to go try to get Wally to bed, and I’m going to try to sleep myself.

I’ll chat with you tomorrow with details on WHO WINS PRIZES! I love prizes. It’s going to be fun to give some away!


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  1. Thanks for the sneak peek! I think I’m gonna love it!


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