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Okay, I didn’t do screen shots like some people do, because.. well there are a lot of winners, and I felt like it would become somewhat meaningless. But rest assured it’s fair. I cut and pasted all the comments into an Excel spreadsheet, and then drew the 15 $3 winners, then the 7 $10 winners, then the GRAND PRIZE WINNER! In the event that a post won twice, I moved the smaller coupon down to the next post. So some people may have won more than one coupon, but no single COMMENT won twice, get that?

Also, it’s important to note that I currently do not have $10 worth of product up in the shop! LOLZ. I have some new releases coming for this Thursday, and will be releasing at least one new product on the 12th, the 19th, and the 26th. So if you can stand it, you might want to hold on to your $10 coupons for a week or so, just in case!

Alright! The $3 winners are:

Melinda (she won 2), Robinismai (She won 2), EriKa (She won 2), JulieBee in Iowa, Nancy, Anne Welby, Demetria, Fu-Mom, Melissa, Sharon Dale, Tammy, and Jo

The $10 winners are:

Barbaraj, Robinismai (She’s cleaning up!), eve, Jen, Sarah Barber, Rachel, and Pene Toose



I am working on setting up the coupons right now, and will email you all very shortly, within the next couple of hours.  **ETA- ALL COUPONS HAVE BEEN SENT!!

Thanks so much everybody for playing with me!

Stay tuned, guys, the fun isn’t over! I have more fun things in store for this month.


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  1. woohoo, thank you!!

  2. You’re a superstar Andrea offering all these goodies! Thanks for the coupon 🙂

  3. lovetodecorate

    Wow, thanks sooo much, I am so excited to be the grand prize winner!!!



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