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Some Stuff About Me – My Layout (and a bit of a teaser)

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Here’s my layout!

The stuff, in case you can’t read it, is:

I was born in and raised in Arizona. I moved when I was 18 and I think it is FAR, FAR too hot there, but I still have friends there and I LOVE Mexican food!

I have three kids, and one adult. My oldest child is 22 and my youngest (GRR, just noticed a typo in the layout, it says “houngest” and I don’t have time to change it now. WHOOPS) is 18 months! I’m ridiculously proud of my oldest son. I talk to him every day, and consider him to be my best friend.

I learned how to crochet by myself, but kind of feel like my grandma (who’s name was Atha just like my 7 yr old daughter) is my mentor in the stars, if that makes sense.

I’m pretty nerdy, which used to embarrass me, but now I embrace it. Geeks shall inherit the earth!
I used the Summer Morning collab by the awesome designers at the Digichick. Can you guess why I would have used this particular collab for my layout? Other than because it is cool?


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  1. Pretty sure I know where you are guesting now! I loved the peek into your life! I also loved the font you used!


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