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Any 8 1/2 x 11 scrappers out there?

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Gooooood morning everybody!

Before I was doing the Lifescapes thing, I made some templates with the lovely (and smart, and funny, and talented) Laura from Wishing Well creations. There had been a request for nice, clean 8 1/2 x 11 templates, and as I was scrapping mostly in that size then, as well as keeping up with my Project Life – poor thing is feeling so neglected these days) I agreed to make some. Turns out, I loved making templates and now here I am! Anyway, there are two sets of those templates available at The Digichick! They are called Mrs. Boyer’s Everyday Life templates, and there are two volumes.

Volume One:

Volume 1

And Volume Two:

Volume 2

They’re not exactly the same style as the ones I’m making these days, but they are definitely versatile! Think of them as building blocks (get it, blocks!) to give you a jumpstart at adding photos and/or content areas to your Art Journal pages, Project Life pages, or even planner pages.

Also, if you’re still going strong with Move More, Eat Well or One Little Word, Volume 1 has templates that coordinate with the formats being used by both of those classes.The 9 up template in Volume One would also be ideal for ATC’s, because that’s what size those blocks are.

Here are some of my layouts I made with them:

See, I’ve managed to turn those super clean squares into something kinda chaotic! But then that’s my style.

Anyway, come on over to the Digichick and check them out! And make sure to link me up with any pages you make! I LOVE to see what people do with my stuff!

Also, guys, thanks for being so supportive! We’re up to 112 Facebook LIKES as of this writing! YEEE HAW! Also, keep those comments coming! As promised, I’m going to take all of the comments I get prior to my guest gig in July and award one coupon for every 5 comments. And it’s going to be a GOOD coupon, too! Plus, depending on the number of comments I get, and how happy I’m feeling, I just may be giving out more prizes. I am actually thinking of something in particular.. Hmmm what could it be?

Better get back to designing! I have to have lots of great new stuff for next month!

As for now, enjoy your burrito! (If you get that reference, then I really, really love you)


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  1. I have been mostly using 12″ templates, but I do love the 8.5 x 11 as they are easily printed out at home. I love your style – keep it coming!


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