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So I decided to design templates! And I have had so much fun learning Illustrator (at ) as well as improving my Photoshop skills, even in the midst of crazy craziness around the Hizouse (which is kind of our default position, really) I just found myself swept up in a tsunami of creativity and out popped these templates, plus I have SO, SO many ideas for more!

My facebook friends have responded really well to these, so I decided to go ahead and plunge in to this endeavor with everything I can give it. I would love love love you to let me know what you think of my work! I crave input! So please feel encouraged to leave me comments below. Who knows, you just may be rewarded someday!

I’m looking at some possibilities for home shops right now. Lots of fun stuff is on the horizon, so be sure to watch this spot! Meanwhile, I’d love it if you would accept this freebie! Also, if you use it, please link me up to what you make. Did I mention rewards? I think I did.

Okay here’s what you get. Click on the image to download:


Here’s what it looks like scrapped. I used Uptown Girl by Snips and Snails Designs 

That’s my Genny, dancing with toast.

Anyhoozle, thanks for stopping by, and don’t be a stranger!


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  1. Love this!! I think I just may have to make something with it tonight!!

  2. I love this Andrea, so fun and quirky and scrappy… everything I love. The inspirational layout is great, love that face on her. Thank you so much for the freebie. It’s PERFECT!

  3. This is Quirkilicious! Love it!

  4. wooooo you rock!!

  5. super funky template! thanks for sharing and congrats on the new venture!

  6. awesome temp!!! off to play!!!

  7. Gosh this is such a fabulous template!!! Thank you for sharing it. Good luck with your designing. 🙂

  8. Thanks, Andrea! Good luck on your new adventures! 🙂

  9. Thank you for this fun template! 🙂

  10. This is a fab template! It reminds me a little of Emily Power’s style. Love it! Have you been to the Digiridoo?

    They are always on the lookout for new designers.

  11. FABULOUS template! Thanks for sharing!

  12. This is a fabulous template Andrea and I cannot wait to see what more you have instore for us!

  13. Love it Andrea!! Thanks for the freebie!

  14. Very cool design- I have just the photos to go with it!

  15. This is such a fabbity template! Thanks so much 🙂

  16. This is so unique…love it ❤

  17. Thank you for the awesome template. Love it!


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