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Hello, What’s this?

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Download PSD and TIFFs

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Big Bang Layouts

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I thought you all might want to see the Sneak Peeks for the template packs I’m releasing tomorrow. There are two, one called Big Bang, and one called Let’s Strip. First, I’ll show you some layouts from the template pack I’m calling Big Bang.

Awhile back on my facebook page I pondered what would happen if some templates exploded. Well, that was what I was thinking about when I designed Big Bang. Here’s your Sneak Peek:

And now for layouts! First, some pre-explosion layouts. Here’s one by Pamie, which is using a kit by Dana Zarling that will also be released tomorrow at TDC.

And this one by EriKa, using Be Bold by River~Rose

Now some with the explosion underway. First, one from Demetria, which I adore. LOVE the sentiment! She used  pink Reptile design sing to the Moon kit fonts 3Rd man, cheryl’s script, Emma script mvb

And this layout I made using The Good Life: Kinda Solids paper pack by Sarah Jones,The Good Life: Alpha #13 by Sarah JonesTid Bits CU sampler by Disasterpiece Studios and the A Drippy Fountain Pen font by Charm Box Studios

And this one by Tropt, with the whole thing well and truly blown to bits. This one is also using Dana Zarling’s pretty and Bright (I love bright!) kit being released tomorrow.

As you can see, they were MADE with a theme in mind, but really the sky’s the limit for what you can do with them. THEY ARE YOUR TEMPLATES, and there are very few rules. I mean, there’s the TOU, but.. other than that, well.. you know.

I’ll come back later and share some layouts made with Let’s Strip. Till then, don’t forget to leave the ladies some love!

Now for some layouts!

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Good afternoon, party people! I just spent the morning going to the Farmer’s market with my girls. We got lots of veggies and a big, HEAVY watermelon that we are going to crack open later. I’ve heard that watermelons are really good for you. Which is good, because Farmer’s Markets also offer baked goods, and I came home with some slices of pound cake and 1/2 a coconut cake. Whoops. Now it’s getting extra hot outside, so I’m sitting here in the air conditioning sipping some iced coffee and watching Dr. Who while I get some stuff done. In case you didn’t know it, Ms. Lifescapes is a huge nerd, and proud of it! Anyway, point is, I’m inside for the rest of the day, and when I’m not prepping veggies to put them away, I’m going to be sitting in front of the computer and getting some work done.

With tomorrow marking my grand opening for my July spot at the Digichick (squee!), as the end of my big Be My Guest Giveaway, I thought today would be a great day to post a few different blog entries, all on the same day! This way, those who are interested can comment on all of the blog posts and improve your chances of winning coupon codes! Who knows, you might win several! Also, remember, one lucky poster will win everything I release in July!

Also, turns out I have ONE MORE FREEBIE for you today, which I’m going to throw in at some point. But I’m not sure when! So be on the lookout!

The other day, I asked my Facebook fans if I could get some volunteers to make sample layouts, and I could not be happier with the awesome response I got. These ladies rocked my templates way, way out of the park. Wait, can you rock something out of the park? Whatever, they did. You’ll see.

First, I’m going to show you what Margrethe did with my No Scrubs template. She’s a paper scrapper! I was super excited to see how my stuff would translate to paper crafting, and Margrethe- just- she knocked my socks off! I told her I want to take this layout on a date and grope it’s knee under the table (LOL). Check it out:Scrabble Showdown

Scrabble Showdown, full view

Here are some detail views:

I KNOW!!! It’s insane, right? I love it. I wish I could do this. I mean, I have a tower of paper stuff here at my desk, which I do work with on occasion, but mostly I just sort of filter through it, touch it, and think: “If this was digital stuff, I could use it as many times as I want. Since it’s paper, I can only use it once, and I’ll probably screw it up and then this lovely paper/sticker/embellishment will be gone. Better save this till I’m … more talented.”

But anyway, leave Margrethe some love here:

Your new freebie’s here!

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I don’t know what the heck is going on this morning. I’ve tried to write this post three times now, and have had problems every time. Well, instead of being verbose, I’ll just get right to your freebie! Here it is!Mondrian 3

Click here for TIFFs and PSDs

Click here for PNGs

Six more days till my opening, one more Mondrian template to give away (at some point during the week, keep your eyes peeled!- which has always struck me as a slightly gross expression, actually)

Also Six more days to enter the “Be My Guest” giveaway! Leave a comment! The more entries, the more winners. It’s cool the way that works out, isn’t it??

Also, remember that if you make a layout with the freebie “Stuff About You” template from last week, you automatically win this sweet little alpha:

Okay, as always, thanks so much for stopping by!


Some Stuff About Me – My Layout (and a bit of a teaser)

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Here’s my layout!

The stuff, in case you can’t read it, is:

I was born in and raised in Arizona. I moved when I was 18 and I think it is FAR, FAR too hot there, but I still have friends there and I LOVE Mexican food!

I have three kids, and one adult. My oldest child is 22 and my youngest (GRR, just noticed a typo in the layout, it says “houngest” and I don’t have time to change it now. WHOOPS) is 18 months! I’m ridiculously proud of my oldest son. I talk to him every day, and consider him to be my best friend.

I learned how to crochet by myself, but kind of feel like my grandma (who’s name was Atha just like my 7 yr old daughter) is my mentor in the stars, if that makes sense.

I’m pretty nerdy, which used to embarrass me, but now I embrace it. Geeks shall inherit the earth!
I used the Summer Morning collab by the awesome designers at the Digichick. Can you guess why I would have used this particular collab for my layout? Other than because it is cool?

Stuff About You Challenge with Freebies and Prizes!

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Hey, template lovers!

I trust you haven’t forgotten my “Be My Guest” giveaway! Here’s the graphic to refresh your memory:

I’m so excited for the new gig, and I really want to share my excitement with you all! While I’ve had a lot of positive response about the promotion, I haven’t gotten many new comments. I thought, “Maybe they just need something to talk about!” And I thought that the most logical thing to do would be to make you some freebies and have a little challenge! So I did. Check it out:

Stuff About Me Challenge freebie

If this template looks somewhat familiar, it’s because I remade one of the first previews I showed you all. It got saved weird in it’s original form, and I didn’t like how it came out, so I gave it new life as this freebie! Anyhooo,


Scrap some random stuff about you. Either tell me the most important facts, or some things that are unexpected, or just, you know, surprise me! Link me back up here with the results!


1. The freebie

2. Giveaway entries as follows: one telling me you downloaded the template, one linking me up to the finished layout, one telling me you posted it somewhere. ALTERNATIVELY, just tell me something random about yourself in a comment here.




I’ll come back tomorrow and share my layout with you!

Challenge ends July 1!

the big “Be My Guest” Giveaway!

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Alright, it’s official! This is the way the giveaway will go.

Every blog comment (no matter which post you are commenting on) earns one entry.

One in 5 entries wins a $3.00 coupon to the shop.

One in 10 entries wins a $5.00 coupon to the shop.

One entry will win the entire shop for July! WOWZA! I already have two template packs done, plus a CU layer style and another huge bundle that contains templates, elements, brushes.. all kinds of fun tools for scrappers and art journalers. Plus I’m still going strong and plan to release something new every week.

Get extra entries by doing the usual stuff, such as following my blog, mentioning me on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog, or “Liking” me on Facebook (there’s an exclusive fan freebie there for you as well!) Or by posting a layout you did with one of my templates. Just leave a comment telling me what you did.

I can’t tell you just yet where I’ll be guesting, but it’s a great shop, don’t worry! 🙂

Thanks so much for being my early fans. Love you guys!